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How I met Yoga

Hey there, hope you’re doing great! In this article I’m gonna share with you how I met Yoga and why I Loved it with the time. I’m not going to give yoga tips today, but definitely you will understand a lot of her benefits.

Well, I am not even sure when was the first time I tried to do Yoga, but we’re going just a few years back, when I was still in college. I always had the curiosity to learn more, about simply anything and there were periods that I was looking for alternative ways of fitness and wellbeing. That time Yoga was not that popular in Athens (where I grew up), or at least in my circles.

So, I remember joining few different individual classes, here and there without following faithfully a continuous program.

I did that because first of all I had the curiosity to see what is this all about, and while my introduction to Yoga was coming from different personas, expressions, feelings, categories etc., I believed, that I could have a more integrated view and understand it on a deeper way. Same time, I could see which kind, which teacher and which place I like more and feels better for me.

Another reason was that many Yoga studios or retreats, were giving classes of Asanas, Meditation and Spiritual talks for free sometimes. I just had to have my eyes and ears open, search (on Google e.g.) , call to confirm that there is availability and tell them, that they should expect me; and that’s it! Since I was still in college, it was hard for me to follow scheduled weekly classes and also I could not afford them to be honest, so this way was kind of helpful.

Those “here and there” classes that I had at times, mostly they were amazing, though.. just sometimes I felt kind of strange. For example, when an instructor would say take some time to massage yourself (legs, arms, shoulders etc.) and love yourself, set your intension etc.. well touching and massaging myself was not something that I was taught or impelled from my family and my society to do, so it felt kind of awkward, specially in front of others. But sometime later, I understood that everyone who was there and keeps coming, simple comes to liberate the body and the mind, from thoughts and tries to reconnect with who he really is and separate himself from who he is taught to become. I would also say that, through this process of reconnection with oneself it can be an escape from the "mono cultured" world that we grew up in, which trys to keep people in industrialized systems and people just want to get out of it, want to feel charged, healthy and ready to move forward. Each one has his views, needs, vision and reasons that brought him to his yogamat..

I came very close to Yoga just a few years ago, after I started working as a flight attendant in Saudi Arabia. And you might be like “Wow” right now, but believe me it wasn’t that fancy life as you might have it in your mind.

Well, at some point yes, I was living in a kind of luxury facility with swimming pools, and gym and sauna and blab bla, but there was also the other side..

My work had not an 8-5 schedule. My work could start at 1:00am and finish at 4:00pm. I was working for many hours and lots of times I had 4 flights per day that each one could reach a bit more that 2hrs flying time, plus the ground, catering, cleaning, briefing, security check times before and after each and every flight, and better not mention the delays or technical problems (that I had quite often) and they do surpass by far the human working hours. Also in the company I was working for, there was a huge difficulty for passengers to obey with safety rules, as well to accept instructions from a woman, who in fact did not share their culture or beliefs if you’d like, and there was inaction from the management. All these together had as a result me being very anxious, having lack of sleep and not feeling good and healthy.

So without gabbling, most of the times I was so tired that I could not enjoy the gym that I had or the pools, just because my body could not respond.

I had to find somehow a way to take control over my feelings, not allow to everything that was happening, to overwhelm me and find my inner peace after all. I had to change the way of responding in each situation and not give the freedom to anyone or anything to control my emotions and feelings.

What I did first? I just started with the One and the most important Asana, Siddhasana. And that’s the Meditative posture known to everyone even if they don’t perform it. I just felt the need to empty my mind and just relax, reconnect with me and who I truly am. I was not the bad feelings that I got after a frustrated day ( anxiety, anger, dissatisfaction etc.) So just with the willingness to walk that mountain and not caring it on my back, without any direction from anyone, I just started creating a corner of peace and calmness were I could come and stay still, without distraction for a while and just taking everything out, no thoughts at all; just me alone, in total serenity. I did that, almost everyday after work or even before it. It came like a natural need, I didn’t think to much about it, I didn’t consider myself doing yoga that time, and I didn’t think of “Am I doing this right?”

It felt good so it meant, that I was doing something good. The height and thoughts that were not with me after this practice, was my guide to understand that what ever I was doing was working and the effect was much stronger and better than I did expect.

After I tried to combine and add more Yogasanas. Truly, I didn’t know much or if I was doing it correctly, but it always felt good and was more gentle to my tired body than a gym session. I start looking videos on YouTube, reading books, googling about Yoga and after I start going in Yoga Retreats whenever I could do so.

No kidding, I was another person. Not a thing could change my mood. Everyday I was waking up setting the intension that this is going to be a good day, I chose to be happy every single day and share my good Energy with everyone I met. And it was so!

For sure, there were times that I felt undesirable feelings, I’m a human after all, but they never stayed with me long anymore and they could not affect my Intention that was Happiness and Positivity.

I discovered a new passion through this process and that, was Yoga and her treasures that changed my whole Life. And I know it sounds weird for people who have never tried it, because it did sound weird to me, before I experience it myself. But I realized all the benefits and finally had whatever I needed.. a healthy Mind and a healthy body. Which is a fundamental combination for every human being that wants to have a healthy Life. If you don’t keep you mind and body aligned and healthy, then no relationship will ever be healthy in your life and nothing you do will have balance. And only balance which is not disturbed by external situations, can lead the competence and intelligence that we carry within.

That’s how I took the decision to go to India, the Mother of Yoga, to study and learn from the most authentic and experienced on this field. It needed devotion, concentration, time and an open mind. We were starting our classes around 6am and finish around 7pm. But what an amazing transformative journey it was.. I can’t wait to go back for more.

Today I have in my hands already my first certificate as a Yoga Teacher and gave already classes to three different countries, in a diversity of ages and social spectrums. This gave me the strength to believe in me, my energy and my capabilities more than before; Grounded as I should be, I know very well that I’m still in the first steps of this path, so much more to learn and share ahead.

In the meanwhile, I aspire to share what I’ve learned, my energy and my visions with every single person I meet. Always in Union with the Existence and with an open Heart inspire and getting inspired.

Namastay Happy,

Love and Light

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