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Healthy Avocado Toast!

I'm very happy to share with you a super easy, super healthy and super tasty recipe, that my lovely friend Eleni Komnou shared with me few days ago. I loved it, I am sure you will love it too, so here I am, sharing it with you.

Eleni is a great chef with multiple important collaborations at the culinary world, as well as a food blogger and I definitely recommend you to take a look at her blog I am sure you'll get mesmerised by the beautiful colours and pictures and all these delicious recipes, as well as by the travel tips she loves to share.

So let's see now what you will need for the Healthy Toast Avocado recipe...


•whole grain bread

•1/2 avocado

•cream cheese or quark cream (0% fat)

•mix salad

•2 red cherry tomatoes

•2 yellow cherry tomatoes

•chia seeds

•1/2 lemon or lime

•1 tbsp Extra Virgin Olive oil


  1. First of all, cut your bread in two big slices and brush both of them with cheese or quark cream.

  2. Then, cut your avocado in 5-6 slices and add lime on it. Wash & cut your tomatoes.

  3. Finally, add the avocado slices on one bread and the tomatoes on the other bread. Mix well your salad with lime and oil and add it between of two bread. Sprinkle some chia seeds! Ready! Enjoy!

Foodenyo | Feed Your Soul

I love making this in the morning after my practice, but I love avocado so much that I can have this recipe any time of the day. It keeps me full and energetic for few hours but at the same time it keeps me light and healthy. Sometimes when I invite friends at home, I love to prepare few easy and healthy recipes like this one, instead of eating something heavy or ordering something from outside. Try it some time if you like, my friends get always so excited and appreciate these little things so much, and they always prefer to gather at my place for those reasons, for those little but so good for the soul habbits. I hope you enjoy!

Love & Light

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