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7 ways to say goodbye to anxiety

Many people are dealing nowadays with anxiety disorders, about 264million individuals worldwide. Probably you might have felt or have been feeling an intense worrying (many times unspecified) that you can't control.Whether your experience is of mild or extreme anxiety, there are steps you can always take to calm yourself down and self-soothe.Here are 7 ways to unhook yourself from anxiety:

Stand up straight

You believe it or not standing up straight and rolling back your shoulders it's a fast way to relief yourself from anxiety wherever you are. By straitening your upper body, you will be able to open your heart, your lungs and finally breath better and get relieved from anxiety.

Remember to breath

The majority of people forgets to breath. What I mean is that your breath is there but is passively working just to keep you alive, you are not conscious about your breath. When everyday life is fast and you have to deal with many things in the same time, this is when anxiety hits you and without even understanding it, you hold your breath many times during the day in the picks of your anxiety and you use so little of the capacity your body has for your breath. This starts with anxiety, but it's also causing more problems in time, as well as shorten your life. That's why it is very very important to Breath consciously and to use your capacity properly.

Start mindfulness activities

Meditation is the number one I suggest to everyone. It's the way to get control over your mind and get rid of anxiety once and for all. Deep breathing and Yoga can be very helpful in decreasing anxiety. It's also important to foster your interests or activities that keep you productive, like music or art. Alternative mindfulness activities may include journaling, drawing, or time in nature.

Listen to relaxing music

Probably you might find it hard to listen to relaxing music if you need to work x10 during your day. But this will really help you as a habit before you go to sleep. You may combine it as well with some conscious breathing or a hot relaxing shower. Even if you sleep less than 8 hours, the quality of your sleep with change. Your mind will calm down and the thoughts that cause the anxiety, will slowly fade away. Next day you will wake up with a better and lighter energy.

Do things that make you laugh

Laughter brings in oxygen-rich air, which stimulates your heart and lungs, and spikes your endorphins. But I will make it more simple... When you laugh you can't be anxious in the same time. Your body relaxes and gets rid of the anxiety. So, watch a funny movie or video or stand up comedy or meet with people that make you laugh.

Talk with family and friends

It's helpful to keep in touch with people that you feel close to you and talk about the things that are frustrating you. Getting it all out and externalizing your thoughts might be redemptive. There is also a chance, with few words from a beloved one, who is seeing things from another perspective, to shred some light and help you see and handle a situation in a way that you didn't think of before. Anyhow, it will definitely sooth the anxiety you had.

Focus on reliable news sources

Or avoid them completely for a while. Keep in mind that information on social media may not be factual, and avoid spending too much time consuming news.

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