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6 ways to make your dreams come true

We all have dreams. Dreams make us move forward, make us strive for more. Dreams bring evolution in our lives when we make some of them come true and then new ones are created. We feel better when a dream of ours is achieved, we find purpose in our life, we gain self-confidence, we become more creative, more active, we do more and most importantly we become more.

But how do our dreams come true? How are we able to come closer to the dreams that seem to be so far from our reality, from what we have learned and from what we already know?

To move forward we need to have goals, good values and to show up for ourselves. We need to believe in ourselves and keep going even when things seem they don't work the way we expected them to or when the plan fails.

Here are 6 ways to make your dreams come true step by step:

set your GOALS

First of all you need to make clear in your mind what you want to achieve, what is your goal, what is your dream and how you imagine your life once you're there. If your vision is not clear you will find yourself doing circles, getting anxious and getting absolutely nowhere.

Now you might think that you have more than one goal, and those goals may have nothing to do with each other, so what should you do in this case?

Well that's absolutely ok and there is no reason to get frustrated about it. What you have to do first, is to write down which will yield faster, which one is more important for you, which one is easier to start with, which one will bring you in a position that later will allow you to have time to work on your next goals and which one will help you make a living (if you have a life changing dream) so you can be also absolved by your 9 to 5 job.

So once you're done with the above, set your goal, write it down, write how you see yourself after achieving that goal and what your next dream will be on this path and where it will take you.

Show up everyday

Let's make clear that no great goal is achieved over night. It demands hard work, it demands passion, it demands showing up everyday even when you don't feel like to and it demands not giving up. It's important to work daily and dedicate even 30' from your day to work on your dream. Even if you're thinking you don't have the time to do so, well I ensure you that you do. But even if it is so and all your activities and your prioritizations are on the right order and it can't be other way, then there is still a way. You may dedicate those 30' from your sleep time. Sleeping well, is a fundamental factor for being efficient in all other activities during your day, but 6-7 hours of quality sleeping are more than enough, plus you have 1-2 hours extra available for working and getting closer to your dream. Depending on what you want to achieve, spending some time working on it everyday, will make you come closer without even realising it.

get connected AND DO RESEARCH

Think of sources that will help you get were you want. Do a research, find people that are the best on that field, listen, read and get inspired by them. Find experts that may help you, participate, find if there are any communities on that field that you could be part of and learn from and which will keep you updated. Connect with others, learn from them and share what you have to offer as well. Attend a seminar, course etc. Don't be scared to invest on something that will help you gain time and will give you much access and knowledge on what you want to work on. It will surely yield in the future if you're serious about it.

Set a scheduled

Set a schedule according to the above. If your dream has to do with business, then set a schedule to create your business plan step by step after the right research. If you are dreaming to play guitar, or football or learn sculpture or painting then set a weekly schedule were you dedicate specific time for your dream and don't allow anything to change that. Protect that time and spent it wisely, while always keeping in mind how important this is for you.


Since you've started, it's important once in a while to take time to evaluate yourself, your progress and your goal. See if it's moving in the way and speed you want. If not, write down each reason you believe is the cause that it's not going the way you expected it. Rearrange, plan from the start, ask people who know more, change perspective and see how things work after some changes. If things seem to be hard and not working at all, that might be a sign that you need to do fundamental changes on your plan or go for the next one and stop spending more time on this. Be careful, move slow and wisely, because there is a fine line between understanding when something is not going to work and you should not spent more time and energy on this; and on understanding that some moves you made where not the right ones and you should simply rearrange the way you handle it. Don't allow disappointment blur your mind and if you get overwhelmed then take a break for few days and come back with a more clear mind to see how you'll handle. (I feel obliged to mention here, that Meditation will also help!)

Daily exercise

It is fundamental for your general well being to take care of your mind and body by exercising at least 30' everyday. Many researches have proven that daily exercise will keep you more healthy, motivated, productive and creative. It will also increase your self-confidence which is necessary to accomplish your dreams and have less "I don't feel like doing this today" days.

Those are the 6 basic steps to make a dream of yours come true. I truly believe that by being faithful and dedicating time to these steps, you will see your life changing very fast. Finding excuses it's easy, everyone has his own difficulties in their lives and it's inevitable going through them. But it's on our hand to decide whether we want to be passive when it comes to our lives paths or if we prefer to take control over our life and make it the way we want and dreamed of. It's only us and our convictions that keep us behind. This website was created in three days time and I created from zero all by myself. When we get serious about what we want we will make it there! Others might need more time and others less, it doesn't matter, you just keep going.

In conclusion I would like to remind you something that I often need to remind myself as well. When you achieve a goal celebrate it! Most of the times we have worked so hard and for long to achieve something and once we are there, we just don't realise how important and beautiful that is. Because we have already set our next goal and we are working so hard to reach that next step that we forget to stop for a minute and see how far we've already come.

I hope these steps will help you come closer to your dreams and realise how beautiful and powerful you are. It's all in you... you just need to allow it blossom. This might demands changes as, the place you live, with who and what you've been doing until now. So I wish you will always have the strength to see clearly what is best for you, take decisions and finally do the moves that will bring out the best version of you.

Love & Light

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