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5 things I love about van life

Living in a van/ campervan, was always one of my dreams, an experience that I always wanted. I made it come true and what I can say is that, it's truly a unique and worthy experience. Specially for those who love to travel, are searching for alternative ways of living and travelling, want to minimise the costs and love... Freedom! If you are used to a more comfy way of life and travelling, van life can be perfect for you as well, if you simple want to try something new, unconventional, and you like challenges. Whether you are thinking to live permanently the van life, or you want to try it for just a while, I'm gonna share with you 5 things that I love about van life which I hope they inspire you to take that step.

  1. It gives you Freedom

When your house has wheels, you are free to go anywhere you desire, live in the most beautiful places and wake up to the best views. Whatever this might be for you. Waking up on a paradise beach, a mountain with great view, a majestic waterfall, an isolated lake. You name it. And the best thing is, that most of the times it's gonna be just you, the land and its gems. Same time, you spent more time outdoors, do more of what you like and this way simply you awaken that Aliveness inside you.

2. Gives you the space to review who you are, what you want

Most people are drawn away by a stressful life in big cities, chasing dreams that most of the times are not even theirs, and living a life that is not even close to who they want to become. Van life takes us away from our comfort zone and allows us to see life on different perspectives and new opportunities. It gives us the opportunity to get away from the hustle and bustle and to reconnect with Mother Nature. To stop thinking constantly, take a break and play more. Which gives us the chance to start over again with a more clear mind and be more focused in all aspects.

3. Less is More

The van life is minimalistic. Obviously, since you're living in a van, there is no space for much.. Though it might sound not that good in the beginning, I consider it very helpful, since it awakens our consciousness. And what I mean by this, is that your closet is full of clothes you haven't worn for years, your house as well is full of unnecessary things, that most of times are not friendly to the environment and to you as well. We are consuming non stop, trying to fulfil the 'gaps', or show to others that 'I have', and we live unconsciously in a materialistic world, which in fact, became our number one priority. So, living in a van, forces us to reevaluate on how much we need, comes to remind us what are the really important things in life and how much greater we can do, without all those materials that just suffocate our being. Less is more my friend.

4. Lower costs.. Less stress

Many people feel frustrated about the bills they have to pay every month and in the end their income is not enough for them to enjoy things the would Love to. If you're one of them van life is the best solution for you. No electricity bills, no water, nothing. The only costs you're gonna have is your fuel, tolls, maintenance and parking fees. What automatically this means..Less stress.. and as my friends love to say in Swahili, Hakuna Matata!

5. Great Financial Investment

Van life is a goal that can be approachable from most people and budgets. You can find what fits you, from a van transmutation starting from 2.000$, to a deluxe home on wheels for those who can afford it. Unlike buying a house that you need to work and save years for, investing on a van requires less time, less money, less effort. A nd once again.. gives more freedom.

If you've been thinking about the van life, I hope these facts are good enough to convince you. If you feel its gonna be to much for you but curiosity is tickling you in the same time, then you can give it a try just for few days for the first time. See how it goes. I promise you you're not gonna regret it. For sure, there will be difficulties, specially if you try it during winter season, as I did before few months; ( I suggest you to try it, at least in the beginning, during summer.) Though, this is how we grow and get to know what we are capable of. Through difficulties you can feel the authenticity of the whole experience. Embrace them and let them transform you, to the best version of yourself.

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