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5 healthy aliments that will reduce the feeling of hunger for hours

Do you often feel that you're hungry during the day? If you don't want to end up eating many snacks, that will still leave you hungry and might not be healthy for you as well, then try to include the following aliments in your diet and see the difference.


Eggs are a great option, specially in the morning to keep you full and energised for hours.

The egg breakfast induces greater satiety and significantly reduces short term food intake.


One half of avocado at one of your meals can influence post-ingestive satiety for 3 to 5 hour period. It increases satisfaction and decreases desire to eat and it is full of healthy fats. And to be honest, It is very tasty and one of my favourite superfoods that I never get tired of, even in daily bases. Also there are so many ways that you can consume it, in salads, toasts, breads, smoothies, added in a main meal.


All fruits are filling because they are rich in fiber and contain a lot of water. They are the best and healthiest solution for a snack and easy to take with you anywhere .


All nuts are rich in fiber, protein and healthy fats.Studies have shown that people who were eating almonds as a snack, they were eating less at lunch and dinner.


Mushrooms are one of my favourite aliments as well, so tasty and so many ways they can be cooked. mushrooms have a great combination of low calories and high volume, which make them effective in combating hunger.

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