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10 ways to grow your Instagram account

Are you tired of an 9 to 5 job? Do you see influencers growing and having a life, that you would like to have yourself? You see the impact that social media have nowadays, and you want to take advantage of them? Do you feel it's too late for you or that you do not know where to start from? You dream of being a full time influencer, but you're afraid what others will think of? You want to take your business to another level by promoting it on Instagram?

Then keep reading, this article is for you!

I'm sure that most of you have felt a bit lost at times about what you should do, how, and maybe also convinced yourself, you can't make it to the social media world. And definitely you have heard tips from influencers about what you should do, but seems hard or might not be working for you.

Well today, I will focus more on what you should not do! Mistakes and tricks that actually keep you behind. Once we specify what you should not do, everything will seem more clear and easier.

so What you should not do?

You should :

stop Having no niche

  • Take time to focus and figure out your zone of genius by considering the things you're passionate about and the things you're knowledgeable about. Not having a specific niche will confuse your audience and will not give them the trigger to engage with you.

stop Trying to do it alone

  • If you don't know or if you're confused, then you should ask for help from people who do know. It doesn't really matter if they are your friends or someone you already know. Social Media is a great tool of connection if we use it the right way. We can build great relationships with people around the world, that we haven't even met yet, who have the same avocations, interests, visions, dreams etc. Don't be shy to connect, talk, ask, give. If you do good work and knock the right doors, they will definitely open. And if some might not, don't let this stop you, knock the next one. I truly believe that when we find people in the same direction with us, its a great opportunity for all to share, learn and grow, rather than see others as competitors. (Every flower blooms with its own enchanting colours!)

Stop Buying followers

  • Many times I received messages with offers to grow my feed with 'real followers' or 'likes' and so on. Well, there is No such thing as buying real followers! This will get your account flagged for spam by instagram, ruin your engagement rate and get you a lot of bot accounts that will be cleaned out by instagram later.


  • When you try to speak to everyone, you speak to no-one! Your niche will help you understand who your audience is gonna be. Your content should speak directly to your ideal followers. Think of them, what are their struggles? Dreams? What would be helpful to them? What can you offer them? Give them something real and don't waste your time doing what everyone else is doing. Keep your authenticity and give to your audience something useful, something they will love, something you would love to see to others, something that will keep them longer on your feed.

Stop pretending that everything is perfect

  • A perfect feed and a perfect life, it's good for the eye but tiring for the mind. You don't want your audience to feel frustrated and not enough when strolling on your feed. If you want to build engagement and trust with your IG fam, then you should be real. Share your personal stories and feelings, be vulnerable and relatable. Give information at what you're good at, but same time you may ask for recommendations when you need them. a more personal approach will create a great relationship and engagement with your followers.

Stop underestimating stories and reels

  • You like it or not, more apps like TikTok are conquering the social media trends and we see big changes to the social media apps. And if we want to grow our accounts and increase our engagement then we need to keep up with the trends! Everyday stories will keep the engagement rates high and your followers connected. Reels right now, are a great opportunity to grow your account and be seen by more people. Instagram recommends posting at least 5 reels per week.

stop blaming the algorithm

  • If you want to grow, then it's time to stop blaming the algorithm or finding excuses and start focusing on what you should do better. The algorithm doesn't have emotions, it doesn't love and it doesn't hate anyone. Step by step if you do the right steps you will see results.

Stop doing Giveaways

  • It is true that Giveaways might bring you a lot of followers fast. But most of them will be ghost followers later on, they won't engage and actually they will destroy the engagement rates that you had already worked for. And you might be wondering why is the engagement so important? Well when the engagement rate with your audience is high, then you have more possibilities to appear on IG Browser and many more chances to get paid Collaboration Proposals. Most of the advertising companies can see your rates before they get in touch with you, and that's a reason to prevent or motivate them contact you. And believe me most of the companies prefer to spent their budget on many small accounts (nano & micro influencers), rather than spend that budget on one famous influencer with million followers.

STOP games like 'follow/ unfollow'

  • Don't you think it's much better and beneficial spending time on creating content that will re-arrange your audience? You will only lose creative time by following/ unfollowing people. This is not a way to grow, neither 'fix' your engagement. Don't even spent time deleting 'ghost' followers, just focus on getting the right audience from now on.

Stop posting and ghosting

  • There are planning apps for your posting and they are very helpful. But even if they might be great tools, it's best to post manually when you're online, so you can engage with your followers, before and after you post.

I hope you find these tips helpful and easy to apply. In conclusion I would like to remind you how beautiful and powerful you are! It's true... you can make all of it happen. Yes, everything that's in your mind, even if you start from zero. Don't allow anyone deprecate your feelings, dreams, vision. Great things need a good plan, time, work and patience. If you keep those in your pocket, success is one way.

Sending you Love & Light

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