Palm Trees
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A nomad I will remain for life, forever in love with distant and uncharted places...



Traveller & Yoga Instructor

Hi, there!


I'm Elly and I'm from Greece.

I am a  Travel addict and Yoga lover. My journey started with curiosity and love for the unknown, the need to expand myself to a higher self, and of course with passion to Travel and Explore the World. The way I traveled was not the usual touristic way, instead I chose to go deeper and do it the authentic way (Road trips, interaction with tribes, using any way of local transportation, living in caves, tends, campervans, ashrams and much more.. You name it! In each place, I became one with it, its people and culture. I learned a lot through this journey, and now I want to share all of that with you, through this blog.

Another love of mine, that we' re gonna talk and learn about is Yoga. Yoga is a way of living itself. It's not just asanas, it's a philosophy which holds treasures and can not be expressed in just a few words. The essence of spirituality, the art of conscious manifestation, the  shifting of awareness from the surface level of ones life, to a formless dimension; which leads to becoming a source of love, benevolence, light and true intelligence.

All these, were the fuse to expand myself and see Life in a different way. A beautiful a Precious Gift. Because it is.. andI truly believe that, it's on our hand to create opportunities and learn to dance in the uncertainty of life. It is on our hands to become wonderful people and to make the canvas of our life fully coloured. 

So,This is a place that aspires to bring positivity, creativity and love.Here we see Life in an optimistic way. My new blog I aspire, that will be an open book, a safe place that we can all contribute to, learn from, grow and glow through it.


My wish for you is to take this journey with me through my Travel experiences and meet Yoga and its treasures. It's gonna be a home that you can visit whenever you feel like, or need a reminder that everything is possible.


This blog will be sharing with you habits for a happier, peaceful and fulfilling life. It will be a place full of Travel and Yoga Tips and a lot of information about Dream Destinations, so you can explore and travel with me through my stories and pictures, and same time get inspired and prepare yourself the best way, for your next adventure.

Namastay Happy

Love & Light

Elly xx
Wherever you go,
go with all your <3
you only live once !
Travel not to escape life,
but for Life not to escape you ...



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