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Bournemouth, Dorset, UK

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Let’s go beyond

Do you envision a future that is more egalitarian and compassionate, where we can all thrive together?

Beyond is a design studio based in Bournemouth, UK and run by designer, facilitator and teacher Marten Sims. I use a tried and tested design thinking and action process to help clients solve complex communications challenges for social, community and local business ventures. This often leads to the creation of experiential communications and interactions which enrich the lives of both my clients and their users alike.



I believe in a world where individuals, business owners, communities and government work together to create meaningful methods for people to be involved in determining their lives and the lives of generations to come.

I work with and for entrepreneurial businesses, social impact organisations and progressive governments to design visual and experiential solutions to complex problems.

Through a deep, enriching design process I create compelling stories, help clients conceive ‘theories of change’ and design impactful brands that empower audiences and users with the knowledge and experiences they need to transform themselves and their audiences.


Happy City
Open Media
Cities For People
Constructive Public Engagement
Urban Systems
City of Vancouver
Tusaayaksat Magazine
David Lavalleé (filmmaker)
Earnest Ice Cream
Cleanline Automotive
Two Rivers Naturopathy
New Directions BC
Stanley Park Ecology Society
The Pleasure Project
Charles Darwin Foundation
Wake Project
Weave Records



· Design Thinking
· Transformation Design
· Facilitation Training
· Systems Thinking
· Community Engagement
· Sustainability
· Human-Centered Design


· Immersion
· Questionnaires + interviews
· Site audit + user observations
· User experience mapping
· Ax4 research analysis
· Training


· Brand Strategy
· Brand Identity
· Brand Experience Touchpoints
· Brand Themes
· Brand Story
· Naming

Charrette Facilitation

· Process Design
· Facilitation
· Graphic Recording
· Empathy Building
· Drawing/Rapid Sketching
· Rapid Prototyping
· Report Summary


· Design
· Build
· Installation


Since 2011, I have designed and facilitated over 40 Jams and workshops for corporate, government, and the not-for-profit sector. I primarily work with the Vancouver Design Nerds, but I have also worked with my own clients.

Topics have ranged from:
Addressing homelessness; local living economies; increasing voter turnout; engaging citizens; affordable housing; product and brand innovation; and public space revitalisation.

Facilitation clients include:
Surrey Poverty Reduction Coalition; City of Vancouver; Emily Carr University; SFU Public Square; University of British Columbia; Museum of Vancouver; and Metro Vancouver.



Since 2009, I’ve been actively pursuing leadership, facilitation and teaching skills to improve my ability to pull society forward.

President + Director
Vancouver Design Nerds, 2011–2015

Civic Renewal Lab, 2012–2015

Visiting Tutor, BA (hons) Graphic Design
Propaganda + Text, Sequence and Interaction
Arts University Bournemouth, 2015–present

Sessional Faculty, Continuing Studies
Design Fundamentals
Emily Carr University, 2015

Course Instructor
Design Thinking Methods for Engagement
Simon Fraser University, 2014

Vancouver Mayor’s Engaged City Task Force, 2012–14

Sessional Faculty + Teacher
Print Design + Production
Emily Carr University, 2010–13

Wake Project, 2009–12